Who or what is the Contractors State License Board (CSLB)

Posted on June 12, 2013 in Law & Business
Who or what is the Contractors State License Board (CSLB)
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The CSLB is one of the 25 boards under the jurisdiction of the Department of Consumer Affairs. The board is responsible for regulating and licensing the construction industry.

A fifteen-member board appoints the CSLB executive officer, or Registrar of Contractors (Registrar), and directs administrative policy for CSLB operations. The CSLB’s Board (or just Board) is comprised of five (5) contractor members (CM), and ten (10) public members (PM). Public members include one (1) labor representative, one (1) local building official, and eight (8) other public members, one of which is a representative of a statewide senior citizen organization.

Members who are contractors must be at least 30 years old, be of "good character," and has been licensed for at least five years. Board members are responsible for electing the Register of Contractors.


When a contractor member is to be replaced, the replacement must be a contractor of the same classification. When a public member is to be replaced, the replacement must also be a public member. The Governor may remove any member of the Board for misconduct, incompetence, or neglect of duty.


Each member of the Board may serve a maximum of 2 staggered (non-consecutive) terms of 4 years.


The Board conducts meetings at least three times a year, and at least once in northern California and once in southern California. Officers of the Board are elected at the meeting in July. Special meetings may be held as provided by the Board’s bylaws. Any 4 members may call a meeting at any time and any 8 members constitute a quorum. A quorum, by the way, is the minimum number of group members required to make the proceedings of a meeting valid.



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