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Q. What are the requirements to enroll?

AVTI currently has no requirements to enroll. Students interested in attending the full course will be required to sign an enrollment agreement and pay all tuition fees before attending their first class.


Q. What if I don't need the entire course?

The course was designed for students who want the full study experience and may not be the right fit for every student’s studying style or habits. Students who are confident in a self-study program may purchase individual books or online review courses. Please see Courses for more information.


Q. What is your refund policy?

You have the right to cancel this agreement or a course of instruction excluding equipment, such as books, materials and supplies (both online and physical)*, without penalty before the 5th day following your first class session. After the first class session, the Registration Fee is not refundable.

Cancellation shall occur when you give a written notice of cancellation to the address of the school as listed on the Contact Page. You can do this by mail, hand delivery, by fax, or by email. The written notice of cancellation, if sent by mail, is effective when deposited in the mailbox, properly addressed with postage prepaid, and certified. Students may withdraw from a course after instruction has started and receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the tuition if the student completed less than 50% of the instruction.

Note: AVTI does not participate in the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) due to the fact that AVTI is solely a License and Examination Preparation program.


Q. What are your credentials?

AVTI is registered with the State of California. Registration means we have met certain minimum standards imposed by the State for registered schools on the basis of our written application to the State. Registration does not mean we have met all of the more extensive standards required by the State for schools that are approved to operate or licensed or that the State has verified the information we submitted with our registration form.

Fore more information please visit the BPPE.


Q. What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Our guarantee.



* The list of aforementioned items are non-institutional and non-refundable.

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